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How to Make an Extra $1000 Per Month


This is Growing Very Quickly!!
Here Are Some Examples:
  1. You spend 10 hours a week watching BetterThanYouTube videos you would earn up to $1,000 a month!
  2. You find 10 others to do the same and you would earn up to $2000 a month + your $1,000 a month!
  3. You build a 10 level team of thousands or more to do the same you would earn up to $40 Monthly for each person within ten levels!
There is no fee or gimmicks to start working with our company.
The time has come. THWglobal a new division of a German Advertising Giant enters into the United States starting today.
Since USA Management is a very close friend of The Leadership Team we get what is called FIRST MOVERS ADVANTAGE.
Meaning we have found out about The THWglobal Opportunity before anyone else in the world.
International advertising giant needs over fifty thousand people over the age of 21 to invest up to 10 hours weekly giving comments on commercials, TV pilot programs, movie trailers, video surveys and so much more.
Once they reach the minimum of 50,000 IVs which should be by July 4th, 2016 they we will be rolling out the THW Global viewing model which will all take place in your THW Global back office.
You will be able to view and comment from any computer or smart phone.
The maximum viewing allowed will be a maximum of Ten Hour Weekly per IV.
This is why the referral program is important for those of you who wish to make career type income from THW Global.
We believe many of you will help us build a viewership team that could pay you thousands of dollars monthly and even weekly.
Your back office is in real time and will track everyone on your team up to 10 levels.
You will also be able to see how many hours of viewing they have each completed.
The longer you are with THW Global the simpler it gets to understand everything about the business plan.
It is built on just three dollar amounts $25, $5 & $1...
Pays up to $25 per hour with a maximum of Ten Hours Weekly or a maximum of $250 Weekly.
Pays up to a $5 over-ride management income on any IV you personally refer who earns $25 for viewing content to a maximum
of $50 per week per IV you personally referred.
There are no limits to the amount of people you may personally refer to THW Global.

Pays up to a $1 over-ride management income on any IV within your Ten Levels of Referrals who earns $25 for viewing content , to a maximum of $10 per week per IV within your Ten Levels of Referrals.

There are no limits to the amount of people you may have within your Ten Level of Referrals in THW Global.
Think about the possibilities. The power of just 2 by 10 levels = 1024 referrals x's up to $10 per week
could pay a lot of money weekly. A 3 x 10 levels would be too much money to put into print.


STEP #1: You will be given your own FREE personal THWglobal Website.
STEP #2: You will login into such personal website which will track and pay you up to $25 an hour
by viewing YouTube type videos or other type of video content.
STEP #3: In addition it will track everyone you shared THW with and track their viewing and show
and pay you up to $5 per hour on your personal referral's viewing.
When you go to the following link and register, within seconds after verifying your e-mail
you will be given your own personal THWglobal website. 
This is where you login in to  watch video content

Here are your very simple steps:
STEP 1: Go to and register it takes less than 3 minutes to do so.
STEP 2: When you register it will ask you for a username. After verifying your e-mail you will be given your own personal THWglobal website
STEP 3: Send this e-mail with your free personal sign up URL to everyone you know so that we will reach 50,000 IV's in record time.
By the way not only will you earn up to $25 per hour and $5 per hour on those you refer, But you also earn $1 per hour on everyone up to ten levels of referrals.

 Here is what one Team Leader did.

 His goal was to help 200 people earn $250 weekly so that he could earn $10,000 weekly so he pre-placed the following ad on Craig's List in South Florida and received over 200 responses. As of this writing they have not even been given the THWglobal Registration Website since it just went live minutes ago... Here was the ad:
Up to $25 per hour watching Better Than You Tube Type Videos. Also huge management 6 figure opportunity. International advertising giant needs over fifty thousands people over the age of 21 to invest up to 10 hours weekly giving comments on commercials, TV pilot programs, movie trailers, video surveys and so much more. Over 90% can be done from any smart phone or computer anytime / anywhere 24/7. From the comfort of your home or on the road. It's YouTube in reverse. At YouTube they pay people mega millions out to drive viewers to high traffic sites. THW Global will be paying millions to the viewers to watch content not place content. There is no fee or gimmicks to start working with our company. This is a Global offer so if you know anyone anywhere pass this message on to them. Management opportunity  any computer  home. Sometimes you may be asked as a group to attend a featured movie. Advertising is the 4th largest global industry. For more information reply to this CL listing. Again must be older than 21 and have a minimum of a High School Degree.
When placing the ad in craigslist he paid $35 to place it under marketing/advertising/pr
When asked Part Time or Full Time he put PART TIME.
When asked for location he put NATIONWIDE.
When asked about pay he put up to $25 per hour plus six figure management positions available.
Because he knew there would be 100's of responses he only put in an e-mail address to contact for more information.

 If you really want a JUMP START do what the above TEAM LEADER did and place a similar ad for $35 in other cities and states.

 Remember this is a GLOBAL opportunity so if you have any international contacts. Send it to them also.
I believe just with what this Team Leader did in South Florida he will have personally signed up hundreds once they have this new registration link.
 In less time than it took you to read this ARTICLE you could have registered and sent this ARTICLE to everyone you know. 
 DO NOT send this ARTICLE with the current URL in it or someone else will be paid the $5 an hour. You must refer them to your sign up URL.


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APads offer a combination of highly effective advertising for you with an income opportunity from APads straight lines Maturing System.

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Just Signup and use the $2 to start earning!
What you can do with the $2?
1) After register, Login
2) Then, watch the ads for 10 second, skip
3) On the middle top, Press "Buy Position"
4) Look at the top 1, "2x1 Line". Select payment option : Payza - $2, then buy 1 unit of it.
5) Done!
Just Signup and use the $2 to start earning!

free money online

Get free $2 For invest in APads this is a new site


6 ways to make money online

 Make money from your website

Discover easy to rank keyword
Discover easy to rank keywords
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6 ways to make money online  Make money from your website...selling on Amazon...Make money placing ads on your website
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Make money selling on Amazon

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 Earn money from shorten url

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Make money trading bitcoin binary options brokers

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Make money placing ads on your website

AdOnly is a leading advertising network working with model CPC, CPM, is owned by GloAdMarket company. Founded by an experienced team in internet marketing and business development, the network allows publishers and advertisers to reach the international market, uses outstanding technology combined with advanced targeting capabilities over display, mobile phone and inventory.

Here is what AdOnly offer:
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Make money doing nothing online

YROO paying people for doing nothing


Investing Your Time to Make Money

Investing Your Time to Make Money

There is an old saying: “you have to have money to make money.” With today’s advancements in technology, this could not be further from the case. If you know where to look, then making money just from your time is easy. These type of jobs do not require any skills what so ever, just time.

Now before you get excited, you must know that the majority of people who attempt this do not actually make a full time living off of it, no matter what the ads tell you. These types of jobs are good for people such as college students, stay at home moms, or people looking for a small amount of additional income.

Now, take for example, you are walking through the grocery store and you to a booth that is offering a taste of the latest food. Once you finish the sample, the lady behind the booth asks “So how did you like it?” you reply with your answer and she writes it down and give you a coupon for the actual product. Did you know that you just unknowingly took a survey about that product. In much of the same fashion, online business ask you to try their product or service, and then tell them what you liked and did not like about it. This helps companies improve and tailor their products and services so that they reach the most customers.

One of the largest make money for free is taking surveys. Thousand of programs are available that directs you to the surveys, some of which require a membership fee, while others do not. The membership fees are typically small, usually less then $40. Once you sign up, you will either have a page that you visit daily to check for new surveys, or have new surveys emailed to you as they come in.

Most survey companies will ask about your life situation and your interests. While this may seem nosy, the real reason is so that the company to match you with surveys that match you interests.  The more information you provide, the better opportunities you will have.

Some survey’s require you to purchase their product or service before you can take the survey. However, once you complete the survey, not only do they pay you for finishing it, but they also reimburse you the amount of money you spent initially.

You will want to take special care when searching for jobs that do not require money. The internet is full of “get rich quick” schemes. While the promotions may seem great, chances are they are either extremely hard to accomplish, or bogus. Another old saying works well in this situation: “It is sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”

So lets say for example you sign up with a survey company. The next day you receive an email telling you that you are eligible for a survey though a popular online video rental website, and you will receive $20.00 for taking the survey. To receive the service, you must pay $9.99 initially, which covers a month of service. One you analyze the service, you will then take the survey. Once the survey is complete, your account will be credited with the $20.00 for taking the survey, and the $9.99 that you spent on the service.